What should I wear?

Whatever you're comfortable wearing to church! Some people wear jeans, others dress up. You'll fit in no matter what you wear.

What are services like?

A typical service is around 65 minutes long. We sing worship music (led by a team of musicians including keyboard, drums, bass, and guitar), pray, read Scripture, and share announcements. Most services include an interactive "children's message" that is connected to the main sermon. Our weekly sermons seek to apply the Bible to our lives. Much of our music is contemporary, but we also incorporate traditional hymns.  

Each week, the Friedens family can give financially through the offering to support our ministry and our missionary partners. The offering is for those who consider Friedens to be their "church home," so if you are a guest, there is no expectation that you give.


After every service, there are free refreshments and coffee in Fellowship Hall.

What about kids?

Children of all ages are welcome in the worship service. We believe that involving children in a multi-generational worship environment is valuable for their long-term spiritual vitality. We provide coloring bags with activity sheets that correspond with the sermon. Children are invited to come forward during children's message portion of the service. 

While we love having children in the service, if you decide your kids are not ready to participate in the service, we have two options:

Our nursery is available for kids from birth until they start Kindergarten. Some families choose to take children to the nursery after the Children's Message during the first half of the service.

We also have a "Wiggle Room" (currently under construction) where parents can take children at any time during the service. Upon completion, the Wiggle Room will have a TV for viewing the service.

The Wiggle Room is also available to nursing moms.

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