moving towards God, each other, and the world.

come join us. you belong here.



you can follow along and take your own notes OR use the note sheet provided at the bottom of this box!


// What is grace? The ability to meet people right where they are at, in love.

It has to do with RELATIONSHIP and INVITATION.

//What is truth? The ability to help people find a new and better way of living.

It has to do with ACCOUNTABILITY and CHALLENGE. 


// A MOTIVE is WHY we do WHAT we do.

// The motive for CHECKOUT is APPETITE

// APPETITE is the bad belief that "I am what I have / I am my comfort level". If I can't protect my time and energy, then I don't have anything.



There is a lot to be said about good self care. Remember, if EVERY interaction or choice to engage with someone else makes you want to run away, then you may be living in Checkout. 


Here’s a couple of tips for now to help if you feel like withdrawing.

1) Find some safe people you can be vulnerable with. Having good friends who you can be yourself with and talk to about things is very important!

2) Be honest with people about when you don’t want to talk or dig into something, but set up a time later to try again.

Sometimes, it’s worth pushing yourself to talk even when you don’t want to (just know the situation and the people you are talking with!)

3) Know when to step away. Some situations really are too dangerous or overwhelming for us to deal with in the moment. There is no shame in saying no when you need to, but be honest and clear about how you back away in a moment.


// See if you can recognize some moments of checkout in your own life this week. 

//try to have a real conversation with someone instead of just letting it blow over.

// check in on one good friend this week and have a real life conversation with them.


 MOTION Students is for any and all students in grades 5-12. 

At MOTION Students, 

we believe that the Christian life

is all about movement.

We move towards God in relationship.

We move towards friends in community.

And we move towards the world with the love of Jesus and the message of the Gospel. Come join a place where you can be yourself, free to explore the meaning of life with people who care. You belong here.



Midweek is a time where all students from 5-12th grade gather to hang out, and learn together how to experience the work of God in our own realities. We look to form friendships, have real-life discussions, and challenge our views of the world. Meet us in the Student Center at Friedens Church!


On Sundays, if you're in grades 9-12, come down to the Student Center! Grab coffee, hang out, and engage with the Bible in a way that points to who Jesus is and how we can be more like Him.
Middle schoolers will have some take-home material to be done with family as they continue to pursue God together.

Grab a calendar from the parent resources section below for a listing of all events this semester!

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Each month we choose an area of service to the community to focus on. This month, we are participating in Operation Christmas Child! Grab a box and fill it, and send it to a child around the globe so they can experience a merry Christmas and the message of Christ and the Gospel.

Boxes MUST be returned by November 15th. 

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Here are some different resources that you may need throughout the year, or just that may be helpful to you as a parent! You'll find our calendar, medical release form for the year, and links to different techniques and tools we talk about during the course of the year.


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