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We are in a new series all about who Jesus is! If you ever had questions about who Jesus really is, or if you want more ways to talk to your friends about Jesus, then this is the series for you.


 Join us Wednesdays from 6-8PM to learn and grow with us!


Here's a week five recap!

Jesus is a real person who existed in history.

// We can trust that the Bible says now what it said then,

and even more we can trust that it’s reliable historical information. 

//The books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John were either were followers of Jesus or who knew followers of Jesus, and they wrote good accounts of Jesus’ life.

//Jesus isn’t crazy. He was a mentally sound, stable, non-manipulative individual.

// Jesus did fit the description of the Messiah of the Old Testament, which is who He claimed to be.


// Jesus’ biggest claim about being this Messiah is that He would die and come back to life in three days. 

// Luke 22:44 tells us Jesus was so anxious he sweat blood. That’s a condition called Hematidrosis, caused by extreme anxiety/stress.

// John 19: 1 tells us Jesus was flogged-whipped with a leather whip with metal balls and pieces of bone woven in. Ripped open his back to the muscle.

// John 19:18-19 Jesus was crucified-had 5-7 in spikes driven through the wrist, then his feet, and slowly would have died from heart failure because he couldn’t lift himself to breathe anymore.

// John 19:34 says that his side was pierced and blood and water came out. Shock + accelerated heart rate + heart failure=clear fluid collecting around the heart and lungs.

To be pierced like He was would release the blood and watery fluid


So Yes, Jesus died. But why? Why go through so much for us?


//Jesus' death reflects God's heart for us. God's love is self-emptying and self-sacrificial. Next week we will talk about the resurrection, and if that's possible!


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Motion Student Ministry looks to move students towards Jesus, each other, and the world around us. We move towards Jesus in relationship. We move towards others in community and friendship. And we move toward the world around us with tangible love and the message of the Kingdom.

We are a place where anyone can belong. We believe and live out Acts 17:25 - it's only in God that we fully live, move, and have our being.




Midweek is a time where all students from 5-12th grade gather to hang out, and learn together how to experience the work of God in our own realities. We look to form friendships, have real-lifee discussions, and challenge our views of the world. Meet us in the Student Center at Friedens Church!


On Sundays, if you're in grades 7-12, come down to the Student Center! Grab coffee, hang out, and engage with the Bible in a way that points to who Jesus is and how we can be more like Him. Middle schoolers will have some take-home material to be done with family as they continue to pursue God together.

Grab a calendar from the parent resources section below for a listing of all events this semester!


Every couple months, we take time and look for ways to serve and love the community around us. In March, we are looking at our school communities and inviting friends to join us as we experience

who Jesus is, together.


04-11| STDNT SUNDAY | RESET ( 9:30AM )

04-14 | mdwk | WHO IS JESUS? WK 6  ( 6:00pm )

04-18| HS SUNDAY | missionary spkr  ( 9:30AM )
04-21 | mdwk | WHO IS JESUS? WK 7  ( 6:00pm )

04-25| HS SUNDAY | John ch 6  ( 9:30AM )

04-28 | mdwk | NEW SERIES!!  ( 6:00pm )

05-02 | HS SUNDAY | JOHN ch 7 ( 9:30am )


Here are some different resources that you may need throughout the year, or just that may be helpful to you as a parent! You'll find our calendar, medical release form for the year, and links to different techniques and tools we talk about during the course of the year.


You can also sign up for our weekly update using the form below. It contains information on what's upcoming, what we are currently learning about, events, and more!

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