moving towards God, each other, and the world.

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we're back!

we are beginning a new series this winter, seeing what the Bible has to say about worry and anxiety.


join us on Wednesdays in person or online below as we begin the new year with a focus on Jesus and His Kingdom.

this week, we are introducing the idea of anxiety. what is it? should I be anxious as a Christian? how does it affect my life? come learn with us at MDWK, Wednesdays at 6PM!


We took a small break from our ANXIETY series to talk about love-specifically, God's love!

READ: 1 JOHN 4:7-21

God is love. It's that simple. He doesn't simply experience love, but He gives love it's definition and meaning. He is the source of true and real love. True love comes from God. You can't be a Christian and not love, because to become more like Jesus means to become more like true love.

God's love doesn't just throw around it's weight. God doesn't rule us with uncaring authority or power. Instead, God demonstrates what love is by laying down His life for us, to make a way for creation to be in relationship with God again. True love is self-emptying, self-sacrificial love that serves others.

You can't have an encounter with the real love of God and be unchanged. Some people resist God's love, because they aren't ready to submit and let go to love yet. What we hope is that you will surrender to God's love, letting it change your mindset, attitude, and view of everything in life. 
God's love changes everything. Will you allow it to transform you? Will you take that first step and say YES to Jesus' rule of love in your life? Will you say YES to moving deeper into God's love, letting it shape the way you interact with the world around you? 
If you have any questions, need to talk about what it means to follow Jesus, or you need some resources to better help you follow Him, reach out! We're here for you.

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Motion Student Ministry looks to move students towards Jesus, each other, and the world around us. We move towards Jesus in relationship. We move towards others in community and friendship. And we move toward the world around us with tangible love and the message of the Kingdom.

We are a place where anyone can belong. We believe and live out Acts 17:25 - it's only in God that we fully live, move, and have our being.




Midweek is a time where all students from 5-12th grade gather to hang out, and learn together how to experience the work of God in our own realities. We look to form friendships, have real-lifee discussions, and challenge our views of the world. Meet us in the Student Center at Friedens Church!


On Sundays, if you're in grades 9-12, come down to the Student Center! Grab coffee, hang out, and engage with the Bible in a way that points to who Jesus is and how we can be more like Him. Middle schoolers will have some take-home material to be done with family as they continue to pursue God together.

Grab a calendar from the parent resources section below for a listing of all events this semester!

Image by Cristian Newman


Every couple months, we take time and look for ways to serve and love the community around us. In February, we will be looking to create some simple cards to give to different local nursing homes and care facilities. With little to limited visitation during COVID, a lot of residents are experiencing loneliness and isolation. These cards will be a little way we can let them know people are thinking of them and praying for them.


02-21| HS SUNDAY | John ch 5  ( 9:30AM )

02-24 | mdwk | anxiety wk 6  ( 6:00pm )


Here are some different resources that you may need throughout the year, or just that may be helpful to you as a parent! You'll find our calendar, medical release form for the year, and links to different techniques and tools we talk about during the course of the year.


You can also sign up for our weekly update using the form below. It contains information on what's upcoming, what we are currently learning about, events, and more!

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