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Adult Ministries

Friedens' adult ministries are designed to help people follow Jesus together, experience the life change that Jesus offers, and invest in others' spiritual growth.

Small Groups & Bible Studies

It is vital for Christians to regularly meet with other Christians to help each other grow as followers of Jesus. Small groups and Bible studies meet throughout the week and enable people to study and apply Scripture to their lives, pray for one another, hold one another accountable, and laugh and share life together.

If you'd like to learn more about finding a small group outside of our normal sign-up periods (typically Aug./Sept. and Jan.), please contact us.


Sunday Morning Classes​



Classes are chosen to help us grow in the three types of authentic relationships that are important to us at Friedens: our relationship with God (UP), our relationships with other believers (IN), and our relationships in the community and world, particularly with those who do not have a relationship with Jesus Christ (OUT).

Offered April 14th - May 19th (Classes may be joined anytime!)

Digging Into Threads - Do you enjoy digging into Scripture? Or does the Bible intimidate you, and you wish you could handle it with more confidence? This interactive class will more deeply explore the themes from the Threads: Tracing Themes Through Scripture sermon series. Along the way, we will learn and practice methods of studying the Bible, which will equip participants to handle the Bible with greater confidence and competence in the future. Led by Josh Carl in room 1. 


Searching For A King  - Go back in time in this visually stunning look through the layers of history as Jeremy Dehut and Barry Britnell search for evidence of Israel's first kings. We will talk with experts in the field of archeology and connect the physical history and geography with the words of the Bible. Dig through the excavations at Shiloh, go deep underground through the cave system where David hid from Saul, and take a rough 4x4 excursion into the valley of one of the most well-known battles of the Bible.  Led by Greg Masslich in room 2. 


Boundaries -  Led by Brandon Lemons in room 1. Good relationships and emotional health depend on maintaining effective personal boundaries. But many people don’t know where to start. For example: Do you have trouble saying no? Do people take advantage of you? Is it possible to set limits and still be a loving person? This class equips participants to understand and apply healthy boundaries in their relationships. Led by Brandon Lemons in Classroom 3.

Men's, Women's, &

Family Ministries

Friedens' Men's and Women's Ministries offer opportunities to connect and grow through Bible studies, social activities, service projects, conferences, and more.


Because Friedens values multi-generational ministry, we also have many activities that are geared for the entire family to enjoy: potluck meals, Christmas caroling, game nights, photo scavenger hunts, and more. 

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