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Praying for Our Community

By Brandon Lemons

Tonight is our first 40 Days of Prayer Prayer Meeting. Regardless of whether you have ever participated in a prayer meeting, I encourage you to check it out! If you are new to “corporate prayer” (praying together in a group) and feel a bit timid, it’s fine if you just listen and pray in your mind. At the same time, it’s a great opportunity to join with others for a dedicated time of prayer.

Through the 40 Days of Prayer leading up to Easter (and beyond if there is interest), there will be a meeting each Wednesday for approximately one hour (6:30-7:30pm). We will meet on Zoom (use the link in the weekly e-mail), and there is potential for an in-person prayer meeting at some point, depending on the participants.

Here is what we are anticipating in the meeting: a devotional from Scripture to get us started; a time of thanking and praising God in order to get our minds focused on Him; a time of praying for a specific theme (tonight, the theme will be praying for our community); and a time of praying for individual requests from participants and from the church’s prayer list.

Mark Leveille will be the primary leader of the group, and there will be opportunities in upcoming weeks for others to lead sections if they’d like.

Here are potential topics as we pray tonight for our community:

· Pray for local schools.

· Pray for governmental leaders.

· Pray for the churches in the area.

· Pray for spiritual openness and awakening.

· Pray for Christians’ witness in their workplace, neighborhood, friendships, etc.

· Pray for those who are struggling.

· Pray that the Gospel will be growing and bearing fruit in our community.

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