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I AM: Jesus In His Own Words

By Brandon Lemons

This Sunday, we are beginning a new sermon series called I AM: Jesus In His Own Words. In the Gospel of John, there are eight statements from Jesus that begin with the words “I am.” These are massively loaded statements, in part because “I am” was a claim to deity, and also because of the audacious nature of how Jesus completed his sentences that began “I am…”

In some ways, this series is a continuation of the previous series, Christmas Through Their Eyes. That series examined the events surrounding Jesus’ birth from the perspective of the people who experienced those events first-hand. In Christmas Through Their Eyes, though, we didn’t directly consider the perspective of the central character of Christmas: Jesus. Frankly, anything we consider about the baby Jesus’ perspective of His birth would be conjecture. However, in I AM: Jesus In His Own Words, we are looking at the grown-up Jesus through the eyes of Jesus. Or more literally, we are learning who Jesus is from His own mouth, in His own words.

I believe this series will be valuable as we launch into the New Year. 2020 was difficult. It left many of us feeling drained and frustrated, at least to some degree. The “I am” statements help get our focus off ourselves and onto Jesus. I especially appreciate how the “I am” statements point to Jesus’ sufficiency in meeting our deepest needs. Jesus is the bread of life who can satisfy us as nothing else can. Jesus is the light of the world who guides us when circumstances seem dark. Jesus is the sheep gate who opens the door to true life. Jesus is the good shepherd who always watches over us. Jesus is the resurrection and the life who gives us confidence in the face of death. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, who restores our relationship with God. Jesus is the true vine who empowers us to bear fruit that lasts. Jesus can do all these things because He is God – the “I AM.”

Please join us online or in person as we dig into learning more about Jesus, in His own words!


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