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Devotional: Disciples Who Make Disciples

By Brandon Lemons


This is the final devotional in the “Church on Mission” series.  It’s an appropriate way to end because “making disciples” was not only the theme of Sunday’s sermon, but it’s central to the mission of any church that is faithful to Jesus.  After all, Jesus said, “Go and make disciples” (Matthew 28:19).  A “church on mission” is intentional to “make disciples.”


The term “disciple” can be confusing.  One reason is that this word is rarely used in today’s culture outside of religious contexts.  But even when talking about Jesus’ ministry, it can be confusing because there are “the twelve disciples,” along with others who are called “disciples” (for instance, see John 6:60-66).  As I said on Sunday, Jesus started with a group of twelve to launch a movement, but the goal was that discipleship of Jesus would spread far and wide.  In fact, the Bible treats the word “disciple” as a synonym of “Christian.”  Anyone who identifies as a Christian is a disciple.  A helpful definition is that a disciple is devoted to being with Jesus to become like Jesus and carry on His mission. 


Please read Matthew 28:16-20 and consider the following questions.

  • How does Jesus’ supreme authority (verse 18) relate to the commission to “go and make disciples” (verse 19)?  On a related note, what is the significance of the word “therefore” that connects verses 18 and 19?

  • Why do you think Jesus emphasized “baptizing” and “teaching” as key components of making disciples?  What is missing from discipleship if these are missing?

  • Is it comforting to know that as you seek to help people grow as disciples of Jesus, He is with you?  Give some thought to why you answered the way you did.

  • In follow-up to Sunday’s sermon, what is one practical step you should take to help you grow as a disciple of Jesus?


A prayer to pray (based on Matthew 28): Lord Jesus, thank you that you trust people like me to carry on your mission.  Please give me courage and wisdom to represent you faithfully, along with a readiness to invest in others’ lives to help them grow as disciples of Jesus.  Thank you for your constant presence in my life.  Please fill me with joy as I follow you and help others do the same.  I pray these things for your glory, Amen.


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