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Celebrating Life Change

By Brandon Lemons

Back in 2009 when I was interviewing at Friedens Church, the search committee asked what my favorite part of ministry is. Unlike some questions, I didn’t have to ponder my answer; I already knew. I responded that “I love seeing God transform people’s lives.” This is an exhilarating part of ministry!

Being a pastor gives me a front-row seat to witness God’s work in people’s lives. However, you don’t need to be in vocational ministry to see God transform people’s lives; people who are active at investing relationally in people’s spiritual lives, such as in a youth group or Sunday School, leading a small group or church camp, or even as a parent, have the opportunity to see God working right in front of their eyes!

This Sunday, people at Friedens will be baptized during both worship services (this will also take place during at least one service on November 5). I love how baptism celebrates God’s work in transforming people’s lives. Baptism is a public celebration; therefore, it’s not only a pastor or Midweek leader who gets to see the change, but the whole church family gets to hear about and celebrate God’s work in transforming people’s lives – right here at Friedens!

The upcoming baptisms will be unique in that this will be the first time in Friedens’ 169-year history when “believer’s baptisms” will be celebrated in the sanctuary during a worship service. For many years, baptisms have been outdoors, and last year we did them in the sanctuary after the worship service. But I’m excited for this Sunday because a larger cross-section of the church family than ever before will witness the baptisms. Each person who is baptized will share about God’s work in their life. And baptism itself is designed to be a public act that illustrates the death-to-life transformation God has already done in that person’s life through Jesus. It will be a celebration!

There will be baptisms in each service this Sunday. It’s one of those Sundays when you may want to stay for both services! Both services will be livestreamed this Sunday; this way, if you’d like to watch all of the testimonies and baptisms, you’ll be able to – even if you don’t attend both services in person.

Please make plans to attend this Sunday’s service(s) – either in-person or online – as we celebrate God’s amazing work of transforming people’s lives!


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