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Blessing Baskets - Community Care Opportunity

Please note, signups are now complete.

By Michael Wright

Hello from the Community Care Team! 

We are always looking for ways to love our community in the way of Jesus. This fall, we invite you to participate in our Thanksgiving Blessing Baskets as a way to encourage, support, and love those around us.

Here's what's happening.

1) From now until November 11, 2020, we will leave this form open for you. If you know of a person or family who could use a blessing this Thanksgiving, fill out the form! Make sure it's someone you have some form of relationship with-a neighbor, a friend, a coworker, etc. 

2) We will be putting together a 2020 style "Thanksgiving Basket", which will contain a grocery store gift card that can cover the cost of a Thanksgiving meal, and a fresh delicious pie to be enjoyed on Thanksgiving (or before, because pies are delicious!). There will be a couple other components as well. 

3) The following week between Monday, November 16 and Wednesday, November 18th, you will be able to come pick up your basket at Friedens Church. You'll be able to talk with Pastor Michael for a moment and receive some tips on having Christ-filled conversations. 

4) The goal is that you'd be able to personally deliver these baskets to those people and families yourselves! YOU get the chance to experience the love of God at work as you drop off some fun and helpful goods, have conversations, encourage people, pray for people, and deepen relationships with those around you. Make sure to do so within your schedules and before Thanksgiving!

We are so excited to hear stories of how people were blessed by God at work through the Friedens Church family. Thank you for joining God's work in the Port Washington community!

-Michael Wright and the Community Care Team


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