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By Greg Masslich

Baptism and Christianity have gone hand in hand for thousands of years. However, few realize that the practice of baptism started well before Jesus was born. Being born again was a concept even the ancient Jews were familiar with. A proselyte who was getting ready to enter a lifelong service to the temple was baptized to signify their new cleansed nature. John the Baptist was also baptizing people and telling them to repent of their sins and prepare themselves for the coming of Christ before Jesus began His ministry. However, John’s baptism, and the baptism of the ancient Jews was not the same as a Christian baptism. In Acts 18:24-26 & 19:1-7 we can see that there is a difference, but what is that difference?

If you have questions about baptism, you are not alone. Many people are asking questions such as: what is Christian baptism, what happens when I am baptized, do I have to be baptized, I was baptized as a baby – do I need to be baptized again? To answer these questions and more, this July we are offering a one session baptism class. Pastor Greg Masslich will start the class by answering the four basic questions about baptism: What is baptism, Why do we baptize, How do we baptize, and Who do we baptize (in other words – what does God require for baptism). After this he will open the floor to any questions you might have about baptism. The class typically lasts one hour.

Additional details: If you take the class, you are not required to be baptized. The class is designed for all ages. If you want to be baptized, we ask that you take the class. The day of the class will be determined by the schedules of the participants in July.


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