A Mid-Series Pivot

By Brandon Lemons

During last Sunday’s sermon, I said I would write an article about Melchizedek & Jesus based on Hebrews 7. The promised article would take the place of a sermon on Hebrews 7. The reasons I planned to do an article rather than a sermon were: 1) I felt constrained by the calendar because I was trying to finish the series by Labor Day weekend, and 2) I’ve already talked about Melchizedek and priests in another sermon (on June 26).

However, as I wrote the article about Hebrews 7, I became so excited about this passage that I felt like it must become more than an article; I want to talk about it on a Sunday morning! For students of Scripture and people who love learning about Jesus, I think you will love studying about Melchizedek and Jesus in Hebrews 7! Hebrews 7 has so many fascinating tie-ins from throughout the Bible that help us understand the big storyline of Scripture. Also, in a series about how “Jesus is better,” I’m becoming convinced that Hebrews 7 is the most powerful passage in Hebrews for demonstrating that Jesus truly is better!

So you aren’t getting an article today on Hebrews 7. If you were anticipating it, I think you will be pleased to wait a few extra days to receive an entire sermon on Hebrews 7. Plus, we plan to turn the sermon notes into an article, because there will be a lot to chew on – so much that those of you who are note-takers may struggle to write down all of the intriguing things about Melchizedek and Jesus. Essentially, the article is becoming a sermon that will become an article. I guess it’s coming full circle!

I am truly enjoying writing about the greatness of Jesus through the lens of Melchizedek, and I’m excited to study Hebrews 7 together with you on Sunday!

There will also be further changes to the Jesus is Better sermon series. Hebrews 12-13 contain many practical topics. I was originally planning to teach on these two chapters for just a few weeks, which would require skimming over or even skipping valuable and relevant topics from Hebrews. Instead, I have decided to let this sermon series continue through at least September. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but for me, it’s a huge deal; it’s the first time in my thirteen years at Friedens that I have not started a new sermon series on the Sunday after Labor Day – the Sunday when we begin the new ministry year with two services, classes, etc. However, I am so excited about digging deeper in Hebrews – both in chapter 7 and in the topics in chapters 12-13 that are incredibly relevant to everyday life like marriage, bitterness, leadership, temptation, money, and contentment – that I believe it will be well worth it to extend our study on the book of Hebrews. I’m excited, and I hope you are, too!

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