Hi kids and parents! We really miss seeing your faces at Friedens on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights for iGnite. While we aren't meeting in person, we want to share some of our favorite Bible verses that can encourage us to trust God and care for one another!  We will share a new memory verse each week.

Week of April 5th:

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice! (Philippians 4:4)

Check out this music video based on our verse! (Make sure you have permission from parents!)

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  • What do you think the word “rejoice” means?

  • Our verse says to rejoice in the Lord ALWAYS. That means even if we are sad, which can be hard to do! How can we rejoice in the Lord when we are sad or going through a hard time?


The book of Philippians was written by a man named Paul. Paul found joy in the Lord even in the hardest possible circumstances. He lived a long time ago, and his story takes place right after Jesus lived. Paul was actually born with a different name: Saul. Early in his life, he did not believe that Jesus was God’s son, and he wanted to find and punish people who did!


One day, while Saul was out looking for Christians, Jesus appeared to him and showed him that he was the son of God. After this, Saul was given the name Paul, and whenever we see the name Paul in the Bible, we can remember that God changed Paul’s life and his name. Paul continued to travel all around the world, but instead of hunting for Christians, he began telling people all about Jesus! Unfortunately, he hadn’t been the only one who didn’t like Christians. Most of the people who ruled the empire didn’t like Jesus, and neither did the Jews—Jesus and Paul’s own people! Even though Paul stopped hunting for Christians, others didn’t, and they ended up throwing Paul in prison.


Imagine being in prison for a moment. Does it sound like a fun place? Do you think you would have joy being in prison? Well, prison back then was even worse than it is today. Paul was stuck in a dark, cold cell underground. He probably never had access to a shower or bath, and his food had to be brought by people who cared about him because he wasn’t fed by the prison guards.


Paul wrote the letter of Philippians while he was in prison. He told the Philippian Christians all about how glad he was that God could still use him to share about Jesus even from prison. He talked all about his life before Jesus. He had money, a good education, and lots of important responsibility and status, but he said that all of that was like garbage compared to knowing Jesus-even though believing in Jesus meant he was in prison!


Some of Paul’s very last words are our verse of the week! If anyone understood what it meant to find joy even in hard times, it was Paul. What can we learn from Paul’s story?

Here’s a video of Paul and Silas who praised God even while they were in prison!

Activity: Start a list of all the things we are thankful for and can rejoice in the Lord about. Hang the list up on your refrigerator and as the week goes on, add to the list! Let’s focus on how good God is and remember to praise him ALWAYS! You can also print out this verse poster to color and hang up! Don’t forget to say the verse out loud throughout the day!

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