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How can Israel, with all their moral corruption, become God’s covenant partners to bless the nations? Leviticus answers this question in three surprising ways.

Watch: Leviticus

Read: Leviticus 1-4

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God is on a mission to remove evil from His good world, along with all of its corrosive effects. However, He wants to do it in a way that doesn’t involve removing humans.

Watch: Atonement

Read: Leviticus 5-7

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Here we see Aaron, the high priest, obeying God by offering all the sacrifices prescribed in Exodus and Leviticus. However, we also see his sons, Nadab and Abihu, breaking these prescriptions to their own destruction.

Watch: Leviticus 8-10

Read: Leviticus 8-10

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Here we read about God's command that Israel refrain from eating unclean animals, and only eat the animals he has called clean.

Watch: Leviticus 11

Read: Leviticus 11-13

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It is important to note that people with unclean conditions, could not have come near the presence of God.

Watch: Leviticus 12-15

Read: Leviticus 14-15

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Here we learn about God command not to eat blood and how sex and marriage should operate in his holy society.

Watch: Leviticus 17-18

Read: Leviticus 16-18

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Here we find the famous and repeated phrase, "Be holy as I, the LORD, am holy." We learn that God's holy law not only communicates how we can be holy, it also tells us what characteristics God has that makes him holy.

Watch: Leviticus 19-20

Read: Leviticus 19-20

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Today we learn that neither priests nor offerings with blemishes or deformities were allowed to be a part of the sacrifices prescribed in Leviticus.

Watch: Leviticus 21-22

Read: Leviticus 21-23

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Here we learn about the Sabbatical year and the Year of Jubilee. These mega-Sabbath rest years were meant to be times of freedom, cancelation of debt, and fresh starts for the people of Israel and their land.

Watch: Leviticus 25

Read: Leviticus 24-25

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God invites Israel to live in close proximity to his holy presence. Which seems awesome, but it’s actually dangerous. This book explores how the sacrificial rituals and purity practices cleared the way for morally corrupt Israelites to become God’s partners.

Watch: Leviticus

Read: Leviticus 26-27

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