We invite you to join us on a journey through the Bible! We will be using daily videos from The Bible Project that summarize passages of the Bible. Each day we will share a video (most are around seven minutes long) and the corresponding Bible passage. We also invite you to respond to the daily The Bible Project post on our Facebook group for more discussion with Pastor Greg. We hope that this will be a lot of fun and help us understand scripture in a new way!

The Bible Project is great for individuals, couples, and even families!

Wednesday, May 27

Today we read about Israel questioning God's choice of Aaron as the high priest and the miraculous budding of his lifeless staff that proved his standing.

Watch: Numbers 17-19

Read: Numbers 17-18

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Tuesday, May 26

The Levites rebel against Moses' leadership and suffer the consequences for their lack of faith.

Watch: Numbers 15-16

Read: Numbers 14-16

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Monday, May 25

Israel refuses to enter the land of Canaan after 12 spies are sent in to survey the land.

Watch: Numbers 13-14

Read: Numbers 11-13

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Friday, May 22

It’s the story of Exodus repeated through the Passover, the cloud, and trumpets.

Watch: Numbers 9-10:10

Read: Numbers 8-10

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Thursday, May 21

Here we see a group of laws about maintaining purity in the camp. The four topics addressed are uncleanliness, offerings, the test for adultery, and vows - specifically the Nazarite Vow.

Watch: Numbers 5-6

Read: Numbers 5-7 (skim)

Discuss: in our Facebook group!

Wednesday, May 20

 On their way to the promised land, Israel rebels against God again and again. God responds with short-term severity and long-term generosity that speaks to his covenant faithfulness.

Watch: Numbers

Read: Numbers 1-4

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More Bible Project: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus

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