Worship Services @ Friedens

Friedens’ Sunday services provide a weekly opportunity for the entire church family to join together in worshiping God, learning how to grow as followers of Jesus, and connecting with one another.  Friedens' worship services are also a great starting point for checking out Friedens.

Worship Service FAQ

If you haven’t attended Friedens before, you may be wondering what to expect when you visit.

What should I wear?

  • Wear whatever you're comfortable wearing to church. At Friedens, many people wear jeans, some people wear ties or dresses, and most are somewhere in between. So whatever you wear, you’ll fit in!

What should I expect during the worship service?

  • The service usually begins with several songs that we sing together, and there is music at other points of the service as well. 
  • There is usually an interactive "children's message" that is connected to the main sermon.
  • There will be a sermon that seeks to apply the Bible to our lives. Click here to listen to a sermon from a Friedens worship service.
  • There is an "offering" when the Friedens family can give financially to support Friedens' ministry and the missionaries Friedens supports.  This offering is for those who consider Friedens to be their "church home," so if you are a guest, there is no expectation that you give.
  • We like to include a variety of other elements in our worship services, including: stories of what God is doing in people’s lives, celebration of the Lord's Supper, videos, and other dramatic elements. 
  • Our worship services typically last 65-70 minutes.
  • After every service, there are free refreshments and coffee in Fellowship Hall.

What is Friedens' music like?

  • Our music style is “blended,” meaning we sing both contemporary praise songs and traditional hymns (though the balance leans toward contemporary, and most of the hymns are played with an updated style).
  • Most weeks, there is a band that includes keyboard, guitar, bass, and drums. 

What about my children?

  • Children of all ages are welcome in the worship service. We believe that involving children in a multi-generational worship environment is valuable for their long-term spiritual vitality. 
  • Each service includes an interactive “children’s message” that is related to the main sermon.  
  • We provide coloring packets for children, along with activity worksheets that correspond with each week's sermon.
  • We also offer childcare during worship services for children ages 0-4K (Four-year-old Kindergarten. This typically means kids who turn 4 by September 1st of the current school year).  Many families who use childcare wait until after the children's message to take their children to the nursery.
  • In addition, there is a “Wiggle Room” near the sanctuary where you can watch the service on TV if your children are “wiggly” or loud. (The Wiggle Room is currently closed for construction. We anticipate the new space located in the south addition in January 2020!)