Transforming Friedens' Facility

Construction has begun!

Friedens is blessed to have a unique church building with a beautiful sanctuary and a rich heritage.  The reality, though, is that a church's needs change over time, and our building must adapt in order to best facilitate fruitful ministry.  With this in mind, we are in the process of transforming Friedens' facility.  It is much more than a facelift.  We are keeping the best parts of what is currently here, while changing practically everything else. 

Our Goal in the building project is to insure that the building project supports rather than detracts from Friedens' commitment to welcoming people and making disciples keeping the following priorities in mind: A Warm Welcome, Spaces for All Ages, and Accessibility for Everyone.

Continue reading this page for more information on how the building project will accomplish these goals!

Click here to download the April 2019 Comprehensive Update of the Building Project

A Warm Welcome

Our new entrance will feature a canopy and outdoor gathering space that will invite newcomers inside. Glass doors and windows throughout the building will bring in sunlight. Our hope is that this warm welcome from our facility will be an extension of the welcoming culture we prioritize as we greet guests in person.

Spaces for All Ages

From infants to adults, our renovations will have a lasting impact on how groups interact at Friedens. Our youngest children will have a two-room nursery suite that is designed with their safety at the forefront. The nursery will have an adjoining bathroom facility so nursery workers never need to leave to take a child to the bathroom. Children's classrooms will receive a refresh that, along with the nurseries, will create an inviting kids' zone. Middle and High School students will have spaces to call their own. Adult classrooms will be larger with more optimum configurations for teaching and interacting. Emphasizing spaces for all ages will create better opportunities for learning, spiritual growth, and relational connections. 

Accessibility for Everyone

Our world has come a long way in terms of prioritizing accessibility for people with special needs. At Friedens, we recognize that our historic building is long overdue for updates that will give our members and visitors, particularly those in wheelchairs, the ability to use our ministry spaces and restrooms with ease and dignity. A new elevator, updated restroom facilities, and a safer entry from the street will create a building that is accessible for everyone. (Pictured is the location of the new elevator, located to the left of the seating area.)

Total Project Cost: $2.4 Million

There are three avenues for funding this project, and Friedens will likely utilize all three:

  • Current Assets: Friedens is blessed to be in a strong financial position, and we plan to devote at least $500,000 from our savings and investments into the building project.
  • Loan: We plan to take out a loan to help finance the project.  
  • Capital Campaign: A "capital campaign" is a process of raising funds through pledges, primarily within the church family, though contributions from those who don't regularly attend Friedens are also welcome.  We had a strong capital campaign in 2018 that raised twice what a church of our size would be expected to raise, which allows us to confidently move forward with the building project.

Want to learn more?

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